Custom Data

Define all the custom data you need for any business object

Custom Fields

Define any number of custom fields for any business object your team tracks.

Choose from numeric, text, date, Y/N, choices/drop-downs, calculated, lookup types, and more. Capture full and deep data.

Field Groups

Organize your custom fields in logical groups to provide context and focus.

Field groups are placed on display and edit views to easily lay out screens.

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Display & Edit Views

Create multiple display and edit views of data.

Views provide focus for different operational tasks and enable role-based access. Team members only see and edit data for their role.


Create any number of lists for a business object.

Use filters to select specific data. Lists provide dynamic sorting, filtering, and text search, reducing the number of specific lists to define.

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Reports and Charts

Set up reports and structured documents easily.

Set up pie and bar charts to see the overall picture and identify trends. Drill down from chart segments to the related data records.

Custom Data
Custom Workflows
Role-Based Access
Team Interface
Customer/Client Interface