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Process Tracking for Teams – any Team

Automate Team Processes

Streamline Team Operations

Define and track team operations and data to maximize efficiency and team collaboration.

Track Business Objects

Track Any Business Object

Track any and all business objects used by your teams through their lifecycle, with unlimited custom fields, views, and automations.

Centralized Cloud Workspace

Centralized Workspace
 in the Cloud

Share data objects across teams and run operations in one central place in the cloud.

Data Process Control

Data & Process Control

Take control of the data and operations of your remote and internal teams, without programing.

Why You Absolutely Need TeamTracks

TeamTracks is an industry-proven platform for defining and automating custom business processes and related data business objects for business operations that are repetitive and at scale.

TeamTracks allows you teams to design, automate and execute your custom processes and track anything – because it is totally configurable and extendible.

Better yet, TeamTracks is pre-built with the business objects for many teams and as a no-code solution can be easily customized and extended without programming anytime.

TeamTracks is the practical approach to digital transformation for teams.



Business Guide: Business Tracking Management a More Approachable BPM

Anyone working in the senior ranks of large enterprises has no doubt heard a lot about business process management (BPM). BPM software can be difficult and tedious to setup and maintain. Read this document about how a different approach to digital transformation is much more flexible and scalable.

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Businesss Tracking Management a More Approachable BPM

Business Process Automation
using Tracks

A “Track” is a data object that your team manages and tracks + workflow + automations. The secret to successful teams is Tracks. Tracks have:

Custom Data

Define the custom fields for any business data object, with multiple screens, lists, reports and charts to gather, organize and track all the custom data for your team.


Set up the states any business object goes through, add and change them anytime, and work exactly the way your teams want.


Automations bring workflows to life. Create custom rules and escalations and automatically send emails, change states, create objects and more.

Role-Based Access

Control access to track data, down to the field level. Team members see and edit the data relevant to their role to focus their work, and allow tracks to be shared within and across teams.

Team Interface

Team members can see and manage their work with powerful navigation tools to select the tracks they follow and run lists, reports and charts. In real time they can also see messages and alerts received, as well as session history.

Customer/Client Interface

Easily set up a portal for your customers where they can submit requests and see their status. Customers can also add attachments, edit requests and run select reports and charts.

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Some Example Solutions

Improve Business Operations

  • RMA Management
  • Returns Management
  • Service Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Quality Management
  • Failure Analysis
  • CAPA
  • Any Repetitive Process

100% Configurable
100% Industry-Proven Framework
100% Configurable Customer Portals
100% Free Client Licensing
100% No-Code Setup
100% Role-Based Access to Data
100% Best for Handling Multiple Processes
100% Designed by and for Device and Equipment Manufacturers


for cross-collaboration teams

Base Price
$399 / month
4 Licenses
Extra License
$69 / month
Online knowledge base, training videos, In-Person Training
Technical Support
Email + phone
Other available addons
(contact us for specific pricing)
Turn-key setup

for organizations with advanced needs

Base Price
$1,299 / month
10 Licenses
Extra License
$99 / month
Full + API
Pro + Process Consulting
Technical Support
Pro + Dedicated account manager
Other available addons
(contact us for specific pricing)
Turn-key setup, White label Client Dashboards, SSO (Single Sign On)

Track Anything

TeamTracks can be used for Tracking Processes on custom data objects with full custom data, custom workflows, and automations.

  • RMA Tracking
  • Product Returns Tracking
  • Service Requests Tracking
  • Product Recall Tracking
  • QA Corrective Action Tracking
  • Engineering Change Requests Tracking
  • Knowledge Base Articles
  • DMR Tracking
  • Software Bug Tracking
  • Enhancement Tracking
  • License Tracking
  • …And more
  • RMA Tracking
  • Product Returns Tracking
  • Service Requests Tracking
  • Product Recall Tracking
  • Engineering Change Request Tracking
  • QA Corrective Action Tracking
  • QA Preventative Action Tracking
  • Sales Lead Tracking
  • Sale Pipeline Tracking
  • Customer Support Ticket Tracking
  • Software Dev Bug Tracking
  • Software Dev Enhancement Tracking
  • Licensing Tracking
  • Task Tracking
  • …And more

Central Repository of  Data

TeamTracks can be used to gather, organize, and share all the Data Objects used by support teams in their Operations – all of these are pre-defined in the model, and 100% customizable.

  • RMAs
  • Tickets
  • FAQs 
  • QA Records
  • Units Returned
  • Parts
  • Labor
  • Serial Numbers
  • Email Templates
  • Customers
  • Statements of Work
  • and anything else tracked by support
  • Leads
  • Opportunities 
  • Contacts 
  • Companies
  • Clients
  • Agreements
  • Contracts
  • Sales Collateral
  • Sales Email Templates
  • Support Email Templates
  • Knowledge Base 
  • Inventory
  • …And more

Some of Our Customers

Custom Data
Custom Workflows
Role-Based Access
Team Interface
Customer/Client Interface